Hey everyone, my name is Kathie and I just started working with Motor Club of America and yes they are in Canada. If you currently don’t have emergency roadside assistance (or aren’t happy with the one you’re with) and you want more for your dollar then please check below you may be interested in what they have to offer. They have so much more than your standard roadside assistance programs out there, I personally love the unlimited services per year, the credit card fraud coverage, the travel insurance and much much more that I’d love to tell you about and how to get peace of mind for your whole family.  

Motor Club of America (MCA) members are protected no matter what might happen to them on the road. With true unlimited roadside assistance, members can quickly get 24/7 help for car trouble or an accident and unlimited free towing to the nearest service facility. Should they receive a ticket, we are the only service with attorneys who will fight that ticket in court. Stranded far from home as the result of an accident? We’ll pay up to $500 for food, lodging or transportation.

MCA members are covered on Emergency Room visits and in-hospital stays resulting from a covered accident or, should the worst happen, a $10,000 accident death benefit.


 Benefits at a glance:

Pro-Driver is the premier service protecting professional truck drivers’ commercial driver licenses (CDLs). Covered drivers who receive either a moving or non-moving violation call upon our national network of local CDL attorneys to fight the ticket, reduce fines and keep points off their record.

Not only do we protect our truckers’ livelihoods, we help protect their families. We offer roadside assistance for their family’s personal vehicles and substantial discounts on travel. Our professional drivers have the option to be covered by a $50,000 accidental death benefit so if anything happens to them, their families are taken care of. 


Become an affliliate which is very easy if you truly believe in roadsides and they supply you with the tools you need.


Your Associate Account Includes

  • Free marketing web site
  • Associate back office
  • Weekly commission payments
  • Free online training
  • Marketing landing pages
  • Social marketing tools
  • Associate support hotline
  • Tools to build your own sales team


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Add you email address and it will take you to the information site. Please bare with me because this currently is in the works of being changes and you will understand why when you go in but just scroll down. I am here if you need help at any time.  

MCA Roadside and Pro-Driver